Digital projects frequently have multiple irons in multiple fires and coordination can be a challenge.  Success requires a producer who can keep everything burning and everyone up to date and on schedule.  Christina always gave me the confidence that projects would be on time and on budget with very little conflict because she is a very clear and comprehensive communicator.

Her willingness to use any method or any platform, even when novel or redundant, to keep teams cranking and staying efficient makes her a great project manager for digital projects. She eliminates ambiguity and documents decisions and specifications completely, saving everyone time in the long run.

I would recommend her to any one and I hope we get to work together again at some point!


Josh Kirby

Technical director



I've found, over the years, that there are three things that make someone great to work with: smarts, integrity, and a great sense of humor. Christina has those nailed.


Shawn Jones




Working with Christina has been a true pleasure both on the professional and personal level. The creative mindset, the attention to details along with the analytic ability and seeing the big picture made the entire process, till the final launch of the projects (and afterwards), a great experience. Add to this the sense of humor and high level EQ - and you've got the best partner to run long distances with.


Lihi Lothan




As a designer nothing is better than working with a project manager who has the experience to know what you need before you need it. Christina understands the ins and outs of the creative process and how this differs from designers to developers to writers. Her ability to be one step ahead means less stress for everyone involved. She’s not only a great project manager, but she’s genuinely an incredible person and a pleasure to work with and know.


Emma Fivecoat


St. Petersburg


Christina is dedicated to doing the absolute best for her projects. She’s hard working and insightful, bringing determination and organization to everything she does.


Jodie Krivens

senior producer



I had the great pleasure of working with Christina for several years in a high-volume, fast-paced creative department serving a large roster of high-profile clients. A highly skilled and exceptionally talented creative manager, Christina was instrumental in keeping our department on track, on time, on budget and inspired, all while maintaining her inimitable professionalism, grace, charm and creative flair.


David Seltzer

Artwork Manager

New York


Ever-resourceful, Christina is always on-point with a fresh perspective and a plan to get the job done.


Alisha Lumea

Account Supervisor

San Francisco


Christina is a fabulous person to work with! She brings a depth of experience in various disciplines from digital to print. She is easy to work with and very accommodating. Christina’s strength is her ability to define a project and break down its core needs so that her team is fully aware of their responsibilities, the overall budget and deadlines. Christina would be a huge asset in any environment that wants to employ the very best.


Laura Hubler

Sr. Print Production Manager



Christina is a motivated and agile producer. She understands process, communication and how to get things done. Having conversations that make sense and move the process forward is exhilarating, she will facilitate that. It was truly a pleasure partnering up with her and I look forward to do it again.

Oren Robashkin

Executive Producer